About S.R.T.

The Somatic Resourcing Training has evolved primarily from the work of Bill Bowen’s teaching of Psycho-Physical Therapy. While the primary focus of this work is on the use of the mind-body connection, it is also focused on the creative process, human connection, and spirituality. The active integration of the physical and psychological has always been a passion of Craig’s work. He believes that conscious exploration and integration of the mind-body interface and the establishment of a centered mindful presence is the cornerstone to transforming much of the disconnection, distress and suffering we see in our clients. Thus his work focuses on helping people establish optimal psycho-physical resources necessary to live peaceful and integrated lives, as well as, using these resources to create deeper and more meaningful connections to others and a life vision.

Craig ToonderCRAIG TOONDER, MFT,  is a somatic psychotherapist in private practice in Oakland, CA. He has trained in Formative Therapy, Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Psycho-Physical Therapy. He has studied a variety of massage therapy modalities at the McKinnon Institute of Massage, abdominal massage at the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, and visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute. He created and taught curriculum for the Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute with Bill Bowen and is now continuing Bill’s work. In his private practice he specializes in a somatic-based approach to couples therapy. For more information on Craig’s private practice please visit: www.oaklandcouplescounseling.com.